By now you have seen that I can draw typical comics, but can I draw anything diffrent?



Manga, sometimes called the definitive style, is widely used. I like the

idea behind anime/manga, its all about the idea.

I don't think I can explain, but one of my tutors was telling me about it,

something like urotsukidoji is less offensive in japan than patlabour 2, which

was banned due to its portrail of the SDF. I like manga, but I wouldn't draw

pandp in it, as I feel its far too widely used now.



OK, this isn't a furrie, a furrie is an animal that acts human (anthropromorphic i think its called)

look at Jack for a great example. I can't draw to well in the furrie style, so I

woundn't draw pandp like that, but I think that the style allows so much emotion to be conveyed

that its hard to ignore a good furrie. In animation, I think Redwallis cool, but I love the books.

Stick figures


Alot of good cartoonists use this to have a break from the main comic. Both Goats and Sluggy freelance do it

even Mr Larson has. Its the simplest form of comicing, and good for short gag based strips.

But I don't want to see a heart felt strip done this way.



Usually stolen sprites from computer games are used (debates arised, is this legal?. I don't know!)

The style is used by writers. I wouldn't draw pandp like this, because they wouldn't be my characters

so i'd feel less for them

Our beloved comic style!


Lovely in't it? :P I use this style because I grew up reading syndicated comics.

The thick line around Justin is done by my new brush pen (advised by scrubbo of Sillyconev)

I love it, but it kinda distracts from the faces of the characters, so I don't use it often.

Until I find more styles, I think I'll leave this page, unless I have made a mistake, then email me!

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