PandP is based on a couple of people, and here they are!



Justin, is the younger of the two brothers, a while ago

(I.E before the web) he was a tightrope walker, but after

he was fired, he decided to get his life in balence. He wanted a pet, and

could only afford something from the bait shop, so he got Jim.

Justin is prone to bouts of depression, usually to do with his

track record with women! But, he always bounces back.



Ian is the older of the two brothers, he has been playing the guitar since

he was 5. He is now the lead singer in the coffin e's, but although he gets on well

with Tom, the bass player of the band and him are allways fighting. Ian also has a

problem with the ammount of coffee he drinks. But don't worry, he usually wears of the coffee

high with a practical joke.



Tom (introduce recently) is the drummer to the coffin e's, and

always is reflecting on life. A born philosopher, he thinks that music is a deeper

form of expression. Life for him, is a gift, something to cherish. He also writes articles.



Jim, is the interlect of the group, he can usually see the short coming of a plan

about a mile off, but he knows that the best way to help people is to let them learn

for themselves. Jim love chess, and also becomes SOCKWORK when the world is in danger!

but, usually SOCKWORM just sits around looking at things.



Byrd, left his nest really early, because his mum wouldn't let him paint it black

He usually hangs round the house, for the left over food. He loses chess to Jim daily,

but thats just as well, because when he wins he will be allowed to eat Jim!

Thats it for now, I will update this sometime, until then dear readers!

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