News that shook the world


La la la!!!! COMPO!!!! COMPO!!!!!


fun for all, come on!!! its freeee!! and fun!!!! and you don't have to draw!!!!

also, I will not give up pandp at uni, despite what I may have hinted at before. I love pandp!! -Gwynne


Well, that concludes Patti week!!! God bless her, talented and wondefull soul!

In about 9 days i'm moving to uni. I should hopefully have enough comics and filler

up, but once i'm there I may have to lower the ammount of comics. It depends

on the ammount of time money and effort I have. Speak soon -Gwynne


Meh. I am not the one to talk to about today, theres nothing I can say. I know what seeing someone die looks like.

and I'll never have any hope for this world. I think someone I know can say something though.


'I can't believe its been a year since one of the most memorable and saddest times in modern American history.

My heart goes out to those who died, survived and the family/friends of everyone involved. It must have been the worst experience and I think the courage

that America has shown should be in reminder to us all to be united and never give up hope. Justice will be served for those who died

no matter if its now or in the furture. Rest In Peace'.

Well.... keep safe. Nothing last for ever. So make whatever you have last.

Live life, put this behind you before we make a worse mistake -Gwynne


Well, i'm glad I didn't ask for fan art. I'd have been disapointed.

But still, I know i'm not important enough to have anyone care about my 18th.

Next time I ask for something, ignore me again, i'd hate to think anyone actually cared about me or pandp (excepting Patti) -Gwynne


Hello!! i've moved successfully, asides a couple of pc problems. And all the time spent

helping my parents run their cattery, So i'm pooped!!. But Mondays comic is now drawn!

Wednesday is my 18th birthday, if you'd like to drop me an email, that'd be grate!! I would

ask for fan-art but I know I won't get any.... It'd be nice to have a day off!! From Hereford, signing off! -Gwynne


Hey there!! Things are afoot again. A new page again, banners to link to pandp

If you want a special link to your site, especially, email me and i'll put something together

Tell me what you think of the new pages, the guest work at business as usual

or anything! Whats the weather like where you are? Did you notice I sorted the links page out? -Gwynne


Hello!! Things are afoot. A new page, behind the scenes at pandp

I am linked at Businessasusual, for some guest art. And

Also Tree is up and running, a cool new strip with sound!

I've added my comic reading list at the bottom, you should read them too!, and email me! -Gwynne



not much news to report. I am moving soon

but I should have enough comics up to cover it! -Gwynne


Hey! I have more hits from humourlink! woot!

this comic goes out to my bro, who should be in the arctic circle

right about....... now. So email me! -Gwynne


Hi again

I should be listed on that funky link below now!

if more people come, then I will make a special comic for you all! so vote! -Gwynne


Hi ya!

is it me or don't you guys talk much?

you know, I really do need emails once in a while! -Gwynne



the truth hurts

but, so does most of the things in life -Gwynne


Hello again!

another day another comic

but, howabout that? a month of consistant story!. -Gwynne



well, heres todays anyway.

that is all. -Gwynne



by Tori (goddess of chese toastys)

say hi to her on the forums.

that is all. -Gwynne


Hey there! The server seems stable for the mo,

and the reason for Justins insanity has been revealed

or has it?

:P -Gwynne


How do's! Sorry about the sites down time

darn keenspace

come on peeps!!! complain on my forum!!!

;) -Gwynne


How do's! Never mind the other bit of news!

I just got some fan mail!! yay!!!

So, wanna keep me in a good mood? you know what todo

;) -Gwynne

How do's! Wheres all the email?

or posts on the forum?

Well, so long as all the girls want me!

sigh... I can dream -Gwynne


Well, looky there!

a new page is up!! read it!

Its full of interesting info

So email me!! -Gwynne


Hiya! we are now into the

first coherent story

and its gonna get better here on out!

So email me!! -Gwynne


Sorry for the delays

but keenspace is attacking me

and I am no good with PCs anyway.



YIPPIE!!! 50th comic!!! and my first attempt at using

the internet to its full potential.

So email me!



How do's, todays is a special comic. Its going to

be printed in M.A.C.L.A and will be sent to buckingham palice.

Tune in wednesday for my 50th comic. It will rule!



Hi, as you may know, there was a problem

with the archives.... But I fixed it!

aren't I soooo brill?! ahem.... email me!



Hi, I have added even more stuff

aren't I nice to you?

so send me mail! anything! where are you from?



Hello! Looky new features!! use 'em!

so send comics over email!! from the archives!

BARGIN! and I got to put up a (long overdue) about page!



Hello! Fridays comic is a

one off... but pandp is back on track! hooray!

I would like some email at somepoint, please?



Hi, I had to put this up

I know that its not funny, but I needed to show

something of what is happening. Just look after yourselfs

because no-one is immortal.... man I need a beer... -Gwynne


Hello! sorry there hasn't been any news for a while. I

had to sort out some stuff. PandP is nearly a year in print!

so email me! I'd love to here from you!! -Gwynne


The strip is working again! yay!

Thats about it.

email me!!




Yup, if you want to see todays comic, go to the review page on the sonictown site

I'm too tired, trying to sort out stupid computer problems tires me out

Email me!! get a free strip!!



Hello, I have been talking to the guys from practice strip and

minor reality. They rock (links going up now, check them out)

Also, I have uploaded a load of comics, so if I die you will remained entertained! bargin!

Apart from that, you should email me. First to do so will be mentioned!!

Or if email is a bit much like hard work, go to the forum.

Until wednesday



Yes, if there is anyone actually reading this, I am

making a habit of updating the news every other day.

No-one has emailed me (and frankly no-one visits) so i'm starting

a really big marketing campaign.......well a medium one

I need those emails, otherwise I have no way of

talking about the comic. I'm going to

update a charicter profile page, and maybe a who's helped page

But firstly i'm getting the forum sorted. so drop by the link at the bottom of the page

and say hi to me and goodgey (goodgey is the only member at the mo)

Yes, my forum is called centre duck.



I'm back!!

I bet you didn't miss me. Thats the first thing, the auto-update works

a treat! I'd like to say hi to everyone whos from sonictown, thanks

for coming here!! So email me. In fact if you email me

I'll send a special comic to you, its not going on the

site, but it will be published in MACLA (my local newsletter)

So email me, and the next comic is on friday



Second news update (what you missed the first?! nevermind)

I first of all have decided to update every monday wednesday and friday.

I secondly have been building. There is now a funky kind of background thingy,

and a news page.

New comic tommorrow, Hope you'll join me then!

Don't forget to email me!




Hello to you!!! I have just finished cursing at my computer for not working.

First thing i want to do (which will end up on a diffrent page, but for now lets

all just be glad that the site is up) is to thank a couple of people.

Jez, without you I would have given up and started a farm insted, thanks

Louise, for being there. (Although over the net, there is as much here as it is th-

damn, lost my train of thought)-thanks

Ben, I never relised how much work building this was. I appreciate the old site

and thank you. I'd never made it this far on my own.


Ok, until the site is up and running, i'll sign off.



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